Friday, October 31, 2008


Khandvi a Gujrathi snack made with Chickpea flour. I had first tasted this when I was in school but after that I never tasted it nor remembered it. It was when I was roaming through the Blogosphere that I remembered this. Hubby dear was not supposed to be back until midnight due to some work at office so I utilised this time to try this dish out. I found the recipe at Asha's Aroma. I trust her because her recipes never fail :) Thanks Asha for this wonderful recipe. 
The taste was really good but I spread the batter slightly thicker than I should have done. I did not get the bright yellow colour as I added very little Turmeric powder. Mine was moderately spiced so I did not add Red chilli's to seasoning. Check out Asha's recipe here
This dish was really easy to make and is ready in minutes. Thanks Asha for the step by step pictures and suggestions. I am going to make them often :)


anudivya said...

What a lovely orange color... nice.

Deepthi Shankar said...

i have never had khandi before ... looks lovely

Unknown said...

looks really yummy & awesome... nice entry...

lubnakarim06 said...

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Purva Desai said...

Khandvi looks perfect....its always been my fav svaoury snack...

There is a sweet surprise for u on my blog....kindly collect it.

Unknown said...

Your Khandvi looks great and I love this dish a lot.

Uj said...

It was supposed to be yellow but I added very little amount of Turmeric powder :).. I made it again the next day and it came out really good :) nice yellow colour

Do try it. Its really easy and tastes good too.


Kitchen Flavours,
Thank you for the award

Thanks dear for the award. I love khandvi too :)

Thanks dear

TBC said...

Hey Uj,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)It helped me discover yours.
You have some fabulous goodies here!
I love khandvi but have not felt confident enough to try making it myself.

veggie belly said...

I love khandvi! But ive never made it myself because it seems so labor intensive. Yours looks delicious.

Uj said...

Believe me its usper easy. It was the first time I attempted it.. yet the results were good..
Do try it

Veggie Belly,
This is not very labor intensive dear. I guess it took me just 15-20 mins from start to end .. :) Do try it

lankythoughts said...

Mom had made these long ago ( when I was in school) and I had loved it. After a few months I had forgotten the name and struggled to tell mom what I want. Thanks to your post, I finally remember it!

I bet you have tried dokhla. If not please try it. It is another Gujju snack that I love.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is fabulous! It sure looks yummy. Although it seems straightforward, I'm guessing it needs practice?

Anonymous said...

Oh this is fabulous! It sure looks yummy. Although it seems straightforward, I'm guessing it needs practice?