Friday, July 25, 2008

Valval making its way to the Curry Mela

When Srivalli announced the Curry Mela I was mentally making a list of curries that I would make to participate in the mela. But due to other commitments my list got limited only to my thoughts and I was not able to post anything. Everytime I would end up making simple saaru or daalithoy and some stir fried side dish. Finally I decided to make something that would make its way to Curry Mela and thus last night I made Valval. I have already blogged about this. To view the recipe click here. I am making a seperate post to send this Srivalli's Curry Mela. Thank you Srivalli for hosting this wonderful mela. BTW Srivalli has also made a list of Food blogs in her Blog. Do check out her blog to find all the wonderful bloggers at one place. Thank You Srivalli for making it easier for us to search food blogs based on specialized cuisine.

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