Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alsande Bea Sarupkari (Black eyed beans in garlic seasoned curry)

We use a lot of grains,lentils and beans in cooking along with vegetables. When beans are used it is usually made with Coconut based gravies. Sarupakri is an exception to this. The name sarupkari loosely means stir fry with some soup in it. Sarupkari was very common side dish with rice for us while growing up. We all loved it as it had a simple taste and nice aroma of seasoned garlic. When I got married this was one among the first South Indian dish I had tried in my new house. My in-laws were not aware of such dish. But now this is frequent at our place as it does not take long time to prepare and yet is delicious.

What's needed:

1/2 cup Black Eyed Beans soaked in water for 2-3 hours
1 small Potato peeled and cubed
4 Green chilli's slit (Increase or decrease as per your spice tolerance level)
Salt to taste

For Seasoning
5-6 Garlic pods crushed well
2 red chilli's torn

1)Pressure cook beans and potato until soft. Make sure that they retain their shape.
2)Transfer the boiled beans and potato to a vessel. Add water if required. Add the spilt green chillis and salt and boil it well.
3)Once done remove it from flame and in a seasoning pan heat oil and add crushed garlic fry until it turns slightly brown and add red chillis. Pour the seasoning over the gravy. Serve hot with rice,pickles or papads.

Variation: A variation can be done to the saarupkari by giving it a seasoning of mustard and curry leaves instead of Garlic. If garlic is not used then while bringing it to boil after adding green chilli's hing water is poured over it to get wonderful aroma.

P.S: Saarupkari can be made even with Moong(Whole green gram) or Tingalavre(Dried white beans). They taste equally well.


Madhavi said...

Hi, thanks for stoppin' by my blog and m gald u liked it :))

You do have great blog and very nice recipe collection, great job. Keep in touch!!!

? said...


The same combination should work well with yellow pumpkin, as in a variation of the Olan recipe in Kerala cuisine. Tempering is not done and Garlic is left out; just a drizzle of coconut oil and fresh-torn curry leaves.
However, Olan, (just substituting pumpkin for potatoes) as in the Sarupkari recipe, makes for a wonderful curry too!
Good recipes in the blog!