Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pav Bhaji ~ Mumbai Style

Pav-Bhaji happens to be one of my fav food from Mumbai.  I still remember the taste at Canon Pav-Bhaji stall. It was amazing. When I was in school we used to visit Mumbai( then it was Bombay) every year during Ganapathi. Most of my cousin's  were from Mumbai and thus we used to have great time during these visits. We, Cousin's used to meet during Summer vacations and enjoy :). It was the time, where my cousin, used to take me for a double ride on cycle.. we (me and my sister,Ramyakka) would enter kitchen and try to cook different dishes in the evening and experiment on the entire family not that they used to complain..We would also clean the kitchen you see! Play cricket and what not! It was so much fun. Even to this day when we all cousin's meet we have a great time. The Last time we were together was during my wedding and inspite of the hurry, it was great.
When I was browsing through Nupur's blog I was caught with the title "Bombay Street Food - Pav Bhaji". It interested me and I decided to give it a try. Her recipes never fail for me. I have tried her Sheera and also Bhadang. Both came out perfect. When I glanced through her recipe for Pav Bhaji, I was amazed to find that she did not add any onion to masala. I used to usually chop lot of Onions and fry it well. Good for me I thought (Less work!! I know the lazy me!) and decided to give it a try! The first time I made it a month back we gobbled up in hurry and forgot to take snaps. This time I made it, I made sure to click a snap before it vanishes! Do give this recipe a try and believe me you won't be disappointed. The only modification that I made was to omit butter completely and add a pinch of Kasuri methi. I have seen this being added at one of the restaurants in Mangalore and loved the aroma of it.


Jaishree Iyer said...

Pav-Bhaji is yum & perfect.It is my all time favorite.your snap looks good.

Divya Kudua said...

Bhaji without onions is a great idea..kasuri methi adds a typical restaurant flavor to north indian curries..Pav bhaji is one of my favorite chats..have never tried making them at home..if ever I travel to Mumbai,2 things I definitely got to try are vada pav and pav bhaji..;-)

CurryLeaf said...

Lovely,is it not.I too make the same pav bhaji-Nupur's -never ever fails.

anudivya said...

Girl! How many recipes do you post in a week? And all great ones at that, I am finding it hard to keep up with you! :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

very tempting pav bhaji... looks yummy

Unknown said...

wow..have seen in nupur 's blog before..thats a wonmderful recipe..
Pav bajji , an all tim favo..yours looks yummy..

Unknown said...

mmm awesome pav bajji looks so yum

Purnima said...

Uj, looks great..must hv tasted great no doubt! Nupur is truly skilled in making delicious dishes with less ingredients n nutritious at it too! :D

Unknown said...

perfect.. nice entry... sounds delicious..

Raks said...

Looks good,Nice picture!

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow this is all time favourite street food to me. Looks tempting and alluring.

Gita Jaishankar said...

I am simply drooling over the picture, now I should make it today for an evening snack :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto with me....same old fun days when during Ganpati me with my cousins(and mind u loads of them) would stroll whole nights in Chembur(mumbai) visiting different pandals, and all the summer and diwali vacations were also spend there.Food and picnics were only two things on mind during those visits everyyear...but sigh....not any more.Everyone is involved in their own lives and there is hardly any enthusiasm left to meet each other
And then this Nupurs Pavbhaji...hmm infact when i first saw the recipe(her's was the first ever blog i visited without knowing wht a blog is) i was apprehensive of making pavbhaji without onions..but since she strongly recommended i went ahead and rest is history...i mean now not only me but my mom,MIL,Aunts etc all make pavbhaji that way
Though i had never used kasuri methi in pavbhaji(and i will surely try it out next time)i religiously use it in all other gravies
Pavbhaji looks yummm:-)

Finla said...

Wow it looks so super delicious.

Nithya Praveen said...

Hey..you reminded me of my good old days in Mumbai...Pavbhaji is truly an amazing stuff.Kasuri Methi in this dish sounds different...but will surely try.Yet again a good one Ujwal!

indosungod said...

Who can resist PavBhaji? I visit Nupur regularly but have never really looked at this one so thanks for pointing it out. I will have to give this a try soon.

Thanks for visiting and am glad I found yours.

Red Chillies said...

What fun times with cousins isn't it? Since you all volunteered to clean the kitchen, nobody would mind right? Thanks for meninding me about paav bhaji, it is a good thing to ahve for this cold weather.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence Ujwal i also made pav bhaaji yesterday. this time i also made pav at home watching Vah Chef's video. ur pav bhaji looks very nice. i have never tried making without onions. will try ur version next time.

Uj said...

Thank you :)

Yeah... Without onions save a lot of time.. Kasuri methi does add a nice flavour. Do try this dear. I am sure you will like it. Yeah don't ever miss Vada Pav.. I love it so much that during my last visit I had them for evening snacks as well as dinner ;)

Curry leaf,
Right its a no fail recipe

More to come up.. ;)


Uj said...

Same here :)All time fav..


Yes,Her recipes are simple and easy to make and the end result is always tasty :)

Thanks dearies

Please do and let me know how you like it :)

Chembur.. right this was one of the places we visited to see the ganapathi that was kept in stadium.. This time they had made Disney world as theme.. it was a castle with few Disney characters..
I agree even I was skeptical to make it without Onions. But once I tasted it..I fell in love with it. Easy to make too.. do add a pinch of Kasuri methi too if you like it.. Let me know how you liked it.

Happy Cook,

Some memories are so sweet to be reminded on Isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by. Do try her recipe..It tastes amazing :)

Yep..I really miss being around everyone. yeah it is best had on cold night for dinner..Saves time.. tastes great too :D

wow.. made pav at home..Thats great dear :D

Unknown said...

Love the way u have described it. Lovely bhaji and kasuri methi is a good idea.

Cham said...

Nupur has a beautiful collection I tried her vada pav also, ha what a divine food i have never had before :) Looks so perfect !

vidhas said...

My favourite. Looks yummy. Thanks for the visit and your lovely comment.

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

Thanks for stopping by Uj. :)

Sabitha said...

Thanks ujwal. That looks very nice. I will definitely try to prepared pav bhaji one of these days.
Why don't you shift to Dubai & be our neighbour?(so that we can taste all your nice recipes!!!haha..)

Uj said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Nupur's Vada Pav is on my to try list soon.. :)
Thank you:)

It was my pleasure.

Please do try and let me know how you liked it. Well we get some nice job there then we won't mind shifting ;) I will get to taste yummy food from your kitchen too. I know you are a very good cook :D

Deepthi Shankar said...

I love Pav Bhaaji >. Having grown up in Mumbai, I can relate to this sooo well .. very surprising about omitting onions though .. shall try it

Purva Desai said...

U reminded me of Mumbai street food, Pav Bhaji looks perfect and the colour is also like the one you get at street stalls....simply loved it