Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mysore Pak Again!!

Happy Deepavali to Everyone. We had a very good Deepavali  with our friends. When we first came here we had a feeling that we would not have a great time during Deepavali since it would be just two of us. But Thanks to our friend's we really had a good time. 
Me and my friend Smitha made a lot of delicacies for Deepavali. We started with Mysore Pak. My earlier attempt did not give the perfect texture but taste was good. This time the outcome was good with very nice texture and it was actually melt in the mouth kind. Ofcourse there is room for imporovement!! It took flat 35 mins for the whole process and you never realise the time because once you start cooking it all happens really fast and there it is done! Thanks Shilpa this is really hit with both our families. Click here f0r Shilpa's recipe that we followed completely with no changes. 
Here is how we celebrated Deepawali
On sunday we had a chat special lunch at our place. We made Pani Puri (Puri we made from scratch, Recipe coming up soon), Masala Puri & BhelPuri (Haldiram mix). At the end of the evening we were all stuffed and went shopping. I am really glad that we went out as I got a new Eectric oven which I had always wanted since quite some time. Now that I have all the time in the world I am planning to experiment ofcourse in my Kitchlab.
On monday, Smitha and me made Shankarpali and Malpuri (Recipe coming up soon). Smitha coooked up a yummy traditional dinner for us and we had a good time cooking and laughing for the silliest reasons!
Yesterday we had  a small Lakshmi Pooja at home and then we had been to my hubby's office as there was Diwali celebrations at his office. Lots of Indians attired in traditional dresses from various places had gathered at one place. There were firecrackers and food with entertainment.

This was the first time we celebrated Deepawali without our family. But we really had a good time and our friend's filled up the void of our family to a very large extent. The memories that we made, the laughs that we shared, the time that we spent will be cherished for ever. Is this not the true spirit of Deepavali?

Diwali treats that we made:


anudivya said...

Friends make the whole experience worth it, isn't it? I am glad you had a wonderful time...

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

mysore pak looks great UJ. I tried making it with little gheee.. so it did not come out well.. i will try this recipe next time.

Indian Khana said...

Wish you Happy Diwali too...we too enjoyed this diwali with friends..it was great...mysurpak looks so yummy..

lubnakarim06 said...

With friends around life is more beautiful. Mysore pak looks gr8 and yummy.

Sabitha said...

When I was in college, we were told to prepare Mysore pak for the cooking competition. For 2-3weekends I prepared (tried to prepare)mysore pak. So we had the chance of tasting different coloured and textured mysore pak. (My poor brothers tasted them!)We did not get the first prize as our presentation was poor. We just displayed them on a plate without any decoration, eventhough the taste and look was good.
Anyway, good attempt ujwal. Your Mysorepak looks tasty.

Purva Desai said...

first wishing u and ur family Happy Diwali.....

The whole treat looks yummy dear....
waiting for exciting recipes.....seems u'll had blast together :) thats wat festivals are for...
Mysore pak looks perfect and tempting too

Deepthi Shankar said...

very yummy ... i love mysore pak .. wishing u N ur family a very happy deepavali

Uj said...

Yes freinds do make a lot of difference in our lives
Try this recipe. It needs suffecient amount of ghee though!
Thanks glad you had a great time
Thank you.
Thats not fair. Presentation is not everything. You had tried so hard!
Advantages of having brothers is that they are the ones we end up testing our recipes until we find a husband. I too have tried a lot of recipes on my bro and dad. Both were very encouraging. I still did not get that perfectly porous texture that we have been craving for. But better than my last attempt though!
Thank you dear. Thats right thats what festivals are for!
Thank you

Sia said...

what a wonderful diwali spread u have got there. belated diwali wishes to u and ur loved ones...

Unknown said...

woow..you made so many delicacies..wonderful, looking forward to see in detail..

Sujatha said...

Nice to know you had a great Deepavali! For people living abroad, friends are families!

Mysore pak looks fabulous!

Uj said...

Thanks a lot wish you the same. Your site is blocked for me here. But do keep visiting :)

Thanks for dropping by. I had a partner in crime so it was quite easy for us :)

Thanks. Yes they are family for us :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ujwal:
Looks like you made a lot of wonderful "Diwali KHaNa." Love the Mysore Paak and Malpuri. We usually get it from Mumbai (Anand Bhavan in King Circle). I like it so much, I am terrified of making it here in Boston. Perhaps I'll keep eating it and get . PHaaaaaaT! For now, I'll just recreate the tastes for my taste buds and look forward to our next visit for Mysore paak!

Nice blog and I like your Konkani recipes!

Unknown said...

Oh my god u had a lovely Diwali feast and Me too had a getogether and I made kalakhand.

The malpuas are too tempting.

Srikitchen said...

wow lovely sweet dishes! join in the sweet event going in my blog!