Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Breakfast - Chane upkari & Phovu

Amma was a working woman. This meant that the cooking for whole day had to be completed by ten in the morning. Inspite of this she had time to make a balanced breakfast and lunch that usually consisted of two sides and some times three as well. Coming to think of it now I really wonder as I find it difficult to fix up even one complete meal for two! We had kind of fixed menu on weekdays like dosa, upma once in two weeks, Chapathi( Yes we did have chapathi's for breakfast and not for lunch).. Fridays it was always some thing to do with Chana. I still do not know the connection between fridays and chana. Either we would have chane upkari(Stir-fry) for breakfast or chane Ghashi (Boiled chana in coconut gravy) for lunch and Kulithu(Horse gram) was made usually on saturday's. I was just thinking about Amma's chane upkari the other day and then I remembered that it had been ages since I made it. Surpisingly, the next day was friday and we had phovu and Chane upkari for Breakfast. Chane Upkari can be made in two styles if making for breakfast usually it is made slightly sweeter and if making for Lunch its made spicier. We had it for breakfast so it was a blend of sweet and spice.
What's needed:
1 Cup Black or white chana soaked overnight and boiled 
3-4 tbsp Grated coconut
1 small lemon sized Jaggery
A big pinch of Asafoetida(Hing) or 2 tsp hing water
1 small Potato or equal sized Sweet Potato boiled 
1 Green chilli's slit
Salt to taste
For seasoning:
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
6-8 Curry leaves
1 Red Chilli torn apart
1) Pressure cook chana until done (Usually takes 4 whistles and then simmer for ten minutes and then switch off. If the Chana is old then it takes more time to cook).
2) Remove excess water retaining a little to boil potato or sweet potato. Do not throw this water it can be used to make Saaru.
3) Add cubed potato/Sweet Potato,Green chilli's slit and cook until the Potato's are done. Add salt,hing and jaggery and bring it to boil. Add little water if needed.
4) Sprinkle grated coconut and mix until done. Switch off the gas.
5) Prepare seasoning by heating oil and adding mustard seeds. When they splutter add red chilli and curry leaves. Pour this seasoning over the Chana and mix well. Serve hot with Phovu.

Variation: If you do not want to add either Potato or sweet Potato you can completely skip this. Instead just mix a little besan say 1 tbsp with water and add this while adding green chilli's (Step 3). Proceed accordingly as per the recipe. If preparing this dish for lunch Raw banana can be used instead of Potato/Sweet Potato. Reduce the amount of jaggery if needed and increase the chilli's for spicyness.

P.S: The Water retained from Chana can be boiled well with green chilli with salt and small piece of jaggery to taste. Prepare seasoning by heating oil and adding few crushed garlic. Fry until golden and then add torn red chilli. Pour this over the Saaru. Serve hot with rice.


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