Monday, July 28, 2008


Last weekend was a party weekend for us. First, We were invited by one of our friend's over for lunch and second, at night we had a small amchi get together at home. So it was lot of cooking in my small lab. Parents too will be leaving this weekend so I decided to make a small treat for them. Parents love do we. so I zeroed on making Rasmalai. But the problem was that I had neer tried making Rasmalai at home. Not even the ras. Initially I thought of buying Haldiram's rasgulla and dropping them in to homemade Ras. But then I decided against it and googled up for the recipe. That's when I stumbled upon here. The picture and the step by step explanation was enough to inspire me. Thus I proceeded and made a small batch first. When the channa cooked up nicely I was glad and even the Ras too tasted good. I was sure this would come out well. When we ate it chilled.. It simply tasted good. It tasted just like the way it does in Resturants. So full of confidence I decided to make one more batch to take to our friend's place and also as gift for our friend's. The second time I made it I used Fresh milk instead of Full cream milk yet the taste was still the same. It was hit and everyone liked it. Thank you Mansi for this wonderful recipe. If not for this recipe I really doubt if I would ever think of attempting this at home. This is surely easy to make and also a no failure recipe.
I have made some changes to the recipe:
1)As I didnot have time I skipped hanging the Channa for two hours, Instead hanged it for only 20 minutes. Yet it came out soft.
2)I did not have pistachios so I used only silvered Almonds.
The end result was good. This is definitely a keeper.

Update 20 august 2012: Made this again and took a better picture this time. Followed the recipe to the T. 


Mansi said...

UJ - that looks absolutely perfect, and mouth-watering! I'm so glad you tried it and that it came out well! lots of people are afraid of the steaming thing, so they are reluctant about making Rasmalai

but I love it, and yours look really yummy! thanks for testifying my recipe:)

Uj said...

Thanks Mansi for the recipe and the compliments. Keep visiting

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my page. rasmalai looks so good and my mouth is watering now. they look perfect!