Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Peanut Laddu ~ Vegan and Healthy!!

I have a sweet tooth and crave for at least a small bite of sweet after every meal.. Recently I have made few diet changes that has helped me immensely with my health! In this what I miss the most is sweets. I usually keep a jar of roasted peanuts handy for quick snack and at times when I crave for sweet I just toss in a tiny piece of jaggery with few peanuts.
On one such days when I was badly craving for sweets, I suddenly remembered these laddus that my Maharashtrian friend in Shanghai used to make often. I asked my cousin if she had a recipe for this and she immediately  sent one which had ghee and nuts in it..  I avoid ghee in my food so wanted to try it without it.. Luckily it worked.. This is one of the easiest recipes that I have ever blogged.There is no recipe as such just toss in the mixie and bind.. you can also easily adjust the jaggery as per your preference for sweetness.
Here is what's needed:
2 cups of Roasted peanuts
1/4- 1/2 cup grated jaggery ( I used organic dark brown jaggery and it was very sweet so used only 1/4 cup yet felt it was very sweet)
2 green cardamom pods peeled
In a mixie jar or blender add the roasted peanuts (You could peel the roasted peanuts too.. but I did not) and add the jaggery and cardamom seeds. Blend it until smooth.You could also add in other nuts of your choice.
The peanuts release natural oil that helps in binding easily. Make laddus and store in an air tight container..

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