Thursday, June 16, 2011

Avnaas ambe sasam ~ Mixed fruit curry in mustard and coconut sauce

(Thali ~ Salt, Amla pickle, Mixed veg sambar, Avnas ambe sasam, rice, papad , buttermilk and wheat halwa)
Sunday meals were always special at our household. That was the only day when we would all sit and have an afternoon meal together. Amma always made something special for us on that day of the week. This thali is one of our simple sunday meal. With mango being in season and having a basket full of it we decided to make a curry with it. This is one of the traditional GSB dishes. I love this so much that whenever we attend some functions during summer I look out for this and reach for second helping too. This is basically a sweet curry and is served cold. Traditionally, Pineapple and mango is used to make this but these day mixed fruits are also used. We had an apple and few banana's left, not wanting to make fruit salad opted to use it in this curry. Tasted delicious.

Here is what's needed:
1/2 cup pineapple cubed
5 ripe mangoes cubed
1 apple cubed (Optional)
4 small banana's cubed (Optional)
4 tbsp dry grapes soaked for an hour (Optional - but tastes great)
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1/2 coconut grated
5 dry red chillies
1 cup Jaggery scraped or as per taste
salt to taste

1) Cook pineapple pieces till done. If it is not very sweet add a little bit of jaggery. Cool it.
2) Dry roast mustard seeds for few seconds. Remove and in a little oil fry the red chilies.
3) Grind grated coconut, mustard seeds,salt and red chilies to coarse paste. Add jaggery and grind further.
4) Mix the fruits and paste together and refrigerate until the time of serving  chilled.


R said...

yummy! i will try out this recipe!

chef and her kitchen said...

The curry must b yummy wid loads of flavors in it..

chef and her kitchen said...
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Indian Khana said...

New for me and looks yum ...lovely recipe and tht platter is just so yum

Swathy said...

Hi Ujwal.. Long u doin? how s the little one..
Avnaas ambe sasam made me very nostalgic..As a kid, I never ever like any curry with the slightest bit of goda(sweetness) in it..
My cousins used to make fun of me for frowning and making a face when i would be served this dish against my wishes and tiny hands shaking in front of the kelepaan( banana leaf) at weddings and functions!!

Now to think of that time, I think I ll cook this just for old time's sake and having a husband with enormous sweet tooth just helps!! :D