Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday Special!!

Hubby dear celebrated his birthday on 1st October. We had a week long off here due to Chinese Independence day which worked out good for us as he got to relax and I got time to cook ;). We had decided not to move out of Shanghai as the weather was changing slightly and it is also my first exposure to Shanghai winter. The weather is definitely a pleasure but I dread the cold breeze that will follow soon.
Anyways, Coming back to his birthday, we invited very close family friends for dinner. It was a nice time that we spent together. A picture of the Birthday cake that the Birthday boy got as  a surprise from our Friends. It was delicious Chocolate cake with Chocolate and cinnanon flavoured cookies from Paris Baguette with "Happy birthday" card in Chinese. It was yummy!!

Here is a picture of the delicious spread that we had:

Gulab Jamun at the top. I used Git's Readymix.
Poori - Bhaaji (Top left) Poori missing from the pic :P
Baghara Rice (Top right) : I found this recipe at Cinnamon Trail's blog.  It came out very delicious and tasted perfect with Dal fry (Bottom left) and Gobi matar (Bottom right). Thanks Cinnamon for this woderful recipe. It is a keeper for sure.
Will update with rest of the recipes soon!!Click here for the recipe

For Potato Bhaji click here 
Dal fry and Gobi matar recipes are here

Breaking off here with a piece of cake just for you!

The Party food is is going to be presented at Party Food Event that is hosted at Simple Indian Food. the Party in on till  31st Oct 2008. Thanks for hosting this event EC.


Anonymous said...

That is a delicious looking cake. And the spread looks great too. :-)
I too use Gits to make gulab jamuns.

anudivya said...

That cake looks way too good. Oh! and those gulab jamuns... I am having a sugar high at the moment!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

man.. those dishes are mouthwatering..poori bhaji looks so different from how we make.

Uj said...

Sharmila, thanks the cake was really delicious. We polished it off neatly!! I had tried Gits for the first time. It comes out really well
Anudivya, Thanks dear!! Even we are having sugar high!!First the cake then jamuns. there was leftover syrup so made sheera too to finish it off ;)
Mahimaa, Thanks :).. Oh.. is it? I need to check your version. Its fun to learn new recipes

anudivya said...

LOL, looks like the sugar has gone through the roof this time... syrup! ha ha ha.
But indulgence on a birthday! What is wrong with that?
I indugle myself even when it is not my birthday :) Sweet stuff, bring it on.

EC said...

wow...thats a nice treat, thanks for the party food

Uj said...

Its my pleasure :)