Monday, September 8, 2008

Back from Vacation, an Award & an Appeal

Finally am back from a 4 weeks vacation(A month sounds too long so I used 4 weeks ;) ). Had been to India to attend my cousin's wedding and then extended so that I could also be there for Gowri Pooja and attend Ganesh Chowthi in Mumbai. It was quite hectic but I enjoyed a lot. Before joining college every year my family used to go to Mumbai to attend Chowthi. Once we joined college it became difficult for all of us to go so only dad or bro attended the chowthi. This year my parents had decided to attend. Last minute I decided to go to India as surprise to my cousin on her wedding and then extended it until chowthi. So I got to be there at all festivals - Krishnashtami,Gowri Pooja, Chowthi. But the Husband could not make to it as he did not have any leaves in hand :(. So finally am back to Shanghai and also back to Blogging. Learnt a lot of  recipes when I was with parents  and in laws (Well there was so much of cooking happening I had to learn!!). Will try them out and post them :)

When I was about to leave I got a scrap from Dershana saying that I have a surprise on her blog. Boy!! was I glad when I saw what it was.. It was my first award!! Thanks a lot Dershana.

I am giving this back to you as you deserve it a lot.  I am really happy that you considered me :) All the wonderful bloggers deserve this as they help us newbies to make a place in this wide world. Sorry Dershana I took so long to publish it.

Finally , an Appeal. Srivalli is working for a cause.  She is trying to get all bloggers together to help a heart heal. It is a fundraiser for Anita Lakshmi a mother of two, who is suffering from Coronary heart disease. Kindly check Srivalli's post for details. Please donate through "Pay Pal Chip In" on Srivalli's post.Thank you!

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