Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomato Omlet

Few days back i woke up late than usual and started wondering what to make for breakfast. A Question that keeps haunting me day and night :(. Wanted to fix something jiffy and tasty without compromising on health too. Its then that I remembered tomato omlet that i had been wanting to give a try from Shilpa's aayisrecipes. Prashanth was not happy with the idea as he does not like tomato omlet very much. But then he agreed to give it a try. I just did minor changes to her recipe. I quit corainder seeds powder as I did not have it ready. Click here to see the recipe. I was really glad that I tried this recipe. It came out really well and hubby dear loved it too. Only thing that i was not satisfied with was with the shape I really tried to make it round but it came out in funny shapes :(. May be I need more practice. This is going to be regular breakfast item from now. Thanks Shilpa for this wonderful recipe.


Shwetha B M said...

Hmmm................. Yummy Omlet........... Let me know when are you going to prepare and serve :-P

Anonymous said...

For this please use a pan which is called saute pan and not the regular dosa. I am assuring you it will be perfect shape.